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Thread: Beta 3 install and run request disk in drive

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    Default Beta 3 install and run request disk in drive

    I'd like to report a problem encountered during install and/or run of version2 - Beta 3.
    At the end of install, while program was trying to start I presume, a pop-up was displayed some 15-20 times. Pop-up was
    "SDWelcome.exe - No disk found"
    "There is no disk in drive. Please insert a disk in \Device\Harddisk1\DR1"
    . (Own translation from French).
    Very same message also appears 15-20 times when I start many components from Windows 7 Start Menu. I didn't count them all, but it could even be more than 20 error message windows I have to wait for every time and click to cancel/continue. More than an inconvenience to me.

    Generally, I appreciate that lots of tools are now integrated. Personally I preferred the navigating through the left pane, less modern looking; time going I should get used to the new interface.

    I hope this comment will help SpyBot team to finalize version 2.
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    Exclamation Windwos 7 installation raises Disk not found error

    The previously mentioned problem persists. If I try to start S&D, 15 errors/warnings ( 5 series of 3 errors) are raised for not finding a disk in drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.

    In addition, on reboot and login the same error is raised for SDTray.exe.

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    This problem should be fixed in our next Beta.
    We hope to release it soon.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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