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Thread: Plaswave, new spyware?

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    Default Plaswave, new spyware?

    While scanning a customers machine and manually deleting things out of Program Files that are not part of the image we use, I noticed a folder call 'plaswave' which was typically set to 'read only' like alot of spyware I get rid of.

    Funnily enough it was also a running process, so i'm taking a good guess at this being spyware.

    Location C:\Program Files\Plaswave\ -r (read only)
    Running process which cannot be located in task manager from what I can remember. I just set security permissions to disable read/listing contents etc, rebooted and then unchecked the permissions to make it accessable again.

    I have attached the plaswave.exe file as a .zip for making a new definition so you don't have problems with firewalls and other security settings etc.

    Hopefully this helps the fight against this crap.
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    Hi there.

    Thank you for the information, here is the address for any future submittals.

    detections AT
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