It's been a week since Microsofts new Beta 2 for Windows Vista is available to the public, so we found it's time to announce that all our tests so far have shown that Spybot-S&D is completely compatible with Vista - scanning, immunizing, permanent monitoring, updating & tools (except for a minor graphical glitch in the process list tool that does not prevent the application from work as intended in any way).
Microsoft has misunderstood a broken server during Spybot-S&D update for an incompatibility when testing it, so when you're installing Spybot-S&D and Vista warns you about an incompatibility when installing, just go ahead and install anyway. We're already discussing this with Microsoft and the warning should be gone very shortly.
RunAlyzer, RegAlyzer, FileAlyzer and FoldAlyzer have also passed first tests.
Now a completely different thing: how would Spybot-S&D look if she was female? Artist DoctorBlack has uploaded a kind of wallpaper of female Spybot-S&D on deviantART. Thank you!