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Thread: Spybot 1 and 2 Installation

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    Default Spybot 1 and 2 Installation

    Would someone please point me to the Beta Installation Thread that gives the instructions concerning installing Ver 2 over Ver 1.

    I discovered Spybot 2 while I was removing a virus from my son's computer. It already had Spybot 1 installed when I installed Spybot 2. What is the Safer guidance? I am interestind in knowing if it makes any difference that both are on the system. Will Beta 5 or RTM remove the previous version?Should I uninstall Ver 1? etc. There is usually a Beta guidance document or moderator thread that covers this. Where is it? Thanks.

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    If Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2 is updated to the last version (especially the TeaTimer) and if the paranoid mode of TeaTimer is not enabled there should be no problems using the 2.0 Beta alongside the old 1.6.2.

    The 2.0 Beta will not uninstall version 1.6.2.
    Spybot - S & D 1.6.2. is a full stable version and 2.0 is only Beta status and for testing only.

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