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Thread: Stability?

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    Default Stability?

    I previously tried either beta 1 or 2 on a Win7 32 bit machine resulting in the necessity to restore the prior day's image.

    1. Has Beta 4 shown to be stable and to not exhibit the above type of nasty results?

    2. Is the current beta version compatible with Win7 64 bit (I upgraded during the interim).

    My primary reason to install a beta is to avoid having to manually check for updates.



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    A beta version can be stable for some, while for others not. Beta 4 should be more stable than Beta 1, that's just common sense. There are people in the forum who has experienced problem with explorer and Spybot. Additionally, someone have discovered other issues. Issues are normal for beta software. That includes Spybot.

    Spybot is compatible with Windows 7.

    Keep in mind there are always risks in beta software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markg2 View Post
    My primary reason to install a beta is to avoid having to manually check for updates.
    You can easily set up a scheduled task to get the updates for v1.6.2. In the Spybot Help, if you go to the Index option and click on "Command line", you can see the command line parameters that you need to do this - I use /autoupdate /autoclose. Just remember to set up the task using your administrator account.

    I also have a task that immunises my PC at every log on - that's the only way that I've found to do the immunisation automatically given that you need to have all browsers closed. The immunisation task is set up using my user account.

    Note that Spybot used to be able to do this for you (under Settings - Scheduler, you may need to select Advanced Mode to see this), but I'm pretty sure that when I tried this in Windows 7 it failed because the scheduling system has been updated.

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