I just ran a scan with new definitions and it came up with one Trojan:

SBI $64C1D65A Link C:/Documents and Settingsw\Owner\Desktop\System Restore.Ink
Fraud System Restore Trojan

I looked it up on Google and there was a post by "Friday" at:


Which mentioned removing these files:

Please use Windows Explorer or another file manager of your choice to locate and delete these files.

The file at "<$COMMONAPPDATA>\~<$ENV(SystemRestore2)>".
The file at "<$COMMONAPPDATA>\<$ENV(SystemRestore2)>".
The file at "<$DESKTOP>\System Restore.lnk".
The file at "<$PROGRAMS>\System Restore\System Restore.lnk".
The file at "<$PROGRAMS>\System Restore\Uninstall System Restore.lnk".

How can you type any of those five files in Explorer? It keeps saying "these are not files!"

Such as typing in: