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Thread: Spybot S and D takes FOREVER to complete a scan on my computer

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    Default Spybot S and D takes FOREVER to complete a scan on my computer

    I mean it takes HOURS. I had the program running for more than twelve hours yesterday, and it still wouldn't complete the scan.

    I'm running IE6, on a Win98 OS.

    When I am performing a scan, the lower left-hand corner of the screen shows what I can only describe as a "status window", accompanied by a progress bar. To the best of my recollection, the text in the status bar reads: "botcheck: XXXX/31707 CoolWWWSearch (or maybe AdGoblin) somethingorother" The 31707 I take to be the number of targeted spybot files that are being searched for. The XXXX appears to represent how many of the files have been searched for during the current scan (it increments up from zero at the beginning of the scan). The XXXX number increments rapidly when I begin the scan, and gets very slow when it begins to scan for CoolWWWSearch titles. I didn't get past 7800/31707 yesterday.

    I did make sure that I downloaded the latest version of the program, and I performed an update before I began my latest attempt. I also defragmented the hard drive, and ran AdAware, CWShredder and HijackThis. To the best of my knowledge, I have never loaded any other anti-spyware programs into this system.

    I am very glad that this forum is here as a resource, and I hope my post is viewed by someone who can provide me with some insights into the nature of this problem. If there is any other information I could provide to assist you in your efforts, you need only ask, and I will do my best to provide it.

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    I'm assuming that your processor is powerful enough and that the Ad-Aware scan completed. Have you tried more specific removers? I found one for
    CoolWWWSearch.SmartKiller on If CoolWWWSearch is interfering, this may help.

    Try that, then run the S&D again. See if exhibits similar behavior. If it does, note what it gets "stuck" on and try to find a way to remove that manually. (Just be careful about what websites you visit. wasn't the first website google returned, but I recognized it as one that's trustworthy.)

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    Please make sure that you got the newest version 1.4.
    Open Spybot and have a look under 'Info & License'.
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