I've been using spybot for along time, and have made donations in the past.
However recently, i have encounterd my first real problem with Spybot.

The other day i had pop ups on my screen, diguised as warning about spyware on my computer, when clicking on the pop ups i was brought to a website trying to sell me software to fix the "spyware problems".
Other symptons were the IE homepage being changed to the page to sell me software, and generally slowness of the computers.
I ran spybot in order to delete the problems, and everything seemed to go well. Until i scanned again instantly after, in order to double check, and the entries were back again.
For some reason, i cannot delete this spyware. Spybot tells me that it's been deleted, then immediatly after, its back again.

I deleted a file called officescan.exe and the pop ups have stopped. (Another sympton was that the task manager would lock up, and this has stopped aswell.)
However, im still faced with constant changing of a home page, and various other symptons that come with having spyware.
Hope you guys can help.
I really dont know how to get rid of the spyware.
The enclosed picture, is a screenshot of what spybot reports to be the entries causing probems.
Since the deletion of the officescan.exe whenever i open up a window, my firewall reports that something is trying to change my homepage. Whether i allow it or not, a message pops up saying
"Rune-Time error "5", Invalid procedure call or argument"

Now although the homepage isn't the page that sells me stuff anymore, the url is titled as about:blank, and it will not stop changing.

I really hope someone can help.
Thanks again