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Thread: PC Delayed and Unhappy Like Hell, Holy Moly...

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    Unhappy PC Delayed and Unhappy Like Hell, Holy Moly...

    I'm just a tech-dumb college idiot, surfing through questionable pages occasionally (honestly, any need to elaborate?), and I'm almost certain I've now gone and infected my computer with a nasty buggar. These problems come all after an extensive browsing session through questionable site.

    Basically, I'll do the most basic things... run Word, Internet Explorer, anything... and it now takes, sometimes more than, a full thirty seconds for any and all programs to start. Webpages crash, I cannot run the DDS thing without Windows Explorer crashing (the file reads DDS.scr, and I get a message saying there's no program to run it... but then Explorer crashes)... everything is just screwed and delayed! Whatever it is doesn't feel like it's trying to kill my PC so much as make it retarded.

    Essentially, I've been watching my CPU's (i3) performance, and it's not at 100% all the time like many users who have been infected... yet despite restarting my PC, updating it, running Windows Defender Scan / Avira Antivirus Scan / SpybotSD Scan a dozen times... and then defragging and repeating (does that even make a difference?) Spybot caught a bunch of little things, some repeatedly... which tells me they aren't being removed/fixed/quarantined, or perhaps when I purge them from the quarantine they're being re-released? Anyways, none of them are above the 50% threat level, with the typical tracking cookie things at like 10% threat...

    Thanks for any help... and I'm a fool, I know.

    So, now I cannot open any of the folders in the system (My Computer, My Documents, Control Panel...) saying "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute."

    Uh oh....

    I also did a registry backup with the program you direct users to on here... whatever good that will do...

    Trying to back up my most important files just in case, ready to reformat system if I need to, though I can't seem to find my backup disks...

    Oh dear.

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    Default Update #2

    So, I restarted the computer at one point to try and restart it in safe mode in order to try and save the files I could... I wasn't able to bring it into safe mode, and I believe this was because Windows was finishing installing updates upon reboot.

    Upon reboot, I'm able to open My Computer and all of the files on my dektop again, and I'm now copying my more important files from these to flash drives (sure hope those files aren't infected.)

    However, I didnt realize that the registry backup did not operate until the system reboot, and I was alerted by a message, something about a RegKey, or Reg Line 5 or something like that, and it asked me if it could continue on, but I denied it... it then said it was denying me access...


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