Downloaded and Installed a Coupon program that Spybot determined was Adware. I used Revo Uninstaller but the program's uninstall file is corrupt and doesn't work, Revo acts as if it worked, i.e. when I hit next it does its search and it finds about 12 entries for the program. How can I uninstall this adware? Spybot & Super AntiSpyware find it MBAM doesn't. [S&D not only finds it IMMEDIATELY but IDENTIFIES it and the number of entries on it, SAS only on FULL Scan, which takes over 2hrs, and does not IDENTIFY it, and gives no further information. S&D was my first anti-malware I ever downloaded many years ago, it is still the ONLY anti-malware I would NEVER be without. PK created a software that has stood the test of time.]

If I delete, using Revo, all the files it lists, would that do it? Or let Spybot handle it?

Apparently you can't download coupons without this program but I don't want it installed on my computer all the time.