If you missed it this past weekend - it's being made available again! Simtel sponsors PCA Special Offer Extension "We are proud to present Simtel as a sponsor for the promised extension of our PCA Special Offer. As we have informed you in our previous newsletter, many users were not able to access our website last Sunday. Therefore we give you and all your friends a second and last chance to sign up for your award winning WinRAR 3.51 license key (this license key will only be valid for 3.51 and cannot be used in later versions of WinRAR)." Please fill out the form at http://nct.digitalriver.com/fulfill/0233.001 and wait for further information that will be sent to you by email immediately. This form will only be online untill Saturday, August 5th, at midnight (CET). Please note that this is really the last chance to get your free registration for WinRAR 3.51. After midnight tomorrow there will be no other extension to this offer. Grab it now!