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Thread: Bing? new tab shows misleading add

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    Default Bing? new tab shows misleading add

    when we open a tab on one of our computers it shows a "notice" that our computer is running slow and a "microsoft partner" will fix it for us if we click on the box.

    it did not show when we launched from spybot but the search page has the below url for "Bing".

    I am not sure if this is the same url as the one with the message.

    Closed IE, on restarting found the one with the with the message.

    I would not click on it.

    I have scanned as a admin and cant correct the problem.

    it is also showing up as a tab in front of the home page tab.
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    Seems like you have installed the Conduit Toolbar.
    I would recommend to open your Add Ons and remove Conduit from here.

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