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Thread: I'm unable to clean up Flynloski.AA trojan

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    Default I'm unable to clean up Flynloski.AA trojan

    hi there...

    from the past 7 days i'm noticing a threat in my nod32 smart security 5.

    it reads as

    Operating memory >> c:\windows\temp\AdobeReader.exe - a variant of Win32/fynloski.AA trojan - unable to clean

    i'm not using adobe reader from the past 6 months or so. i use adobe acrobat.

    but anyhow i uninstalled the programs like acrobat, bittorrent, ashampoo snap 5

    if i delete the temp folder it gets deleted along with the trojan and it doesn't show up in the antivirus. nod32 shows the operating memory is clean after the deletion.

    in task manager, under applications bar, it again shows up when i reboot the system

    when i perform the above step it shows its clean

    this is what i have basically. If any other details are needed i'll provide them as soon as i see a reply.

    I expect a quick reply from the mods/experts


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    Hello melomano,

    Quote Originally Posted by melomano View Post
    I expect a quick reply from the mods/experts

    Please see the sticky which includes guidelines for this forum in post #1 and instructions in post #2 on how to provide the preliminary "DDS" logs which are used for analysis.
    "BEFORE You POST"(Please read this Procedure Before Requesting Assistance)

    Then start a new topic providing the DDS logs and a volunteer analyst will advise you when available.

    As per that sticky topic if the DDS won't run to produce logs please start a new topic anyway and make note of the issue.

    Best regards.
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