Downloading the bootable CD ISO files:
- Pay your fee and download/save the Spybot ISO file on a well functioning PC.
- Then you'll need an ISO CD/DVD burner software, not your standard burner.
- Go to and follow the instructions to download the Free ISO Burner.
- Make sure you download the free iso burner, not the other burner that may be more visible on the page.
- Install the free burner, find your Spybot ISO file and burn it to a CD/DVD drive destination. Be patient and wait until the process is completely finished and ejects your disk. It may feel like you are watching grass grow, but wait until the disk is ejected!
- To use it on the desired computer, turn the power on, interrupt the start up process to change the bios system setup (could be F8, F9, F10 or something else key on your machine). Change the Boot sequence so that the PC starts from the drive you have or will have your bootable Spybot disk in. Save the configuration and your PC should boot right into Spybot.

It does work! It just took me way too long to figure out. Hope this saves you time.