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Thread: False Positive: Skylanders Universe Portal of Power Driver

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    Default False Positive: Skylanders Universe Portal of Power Driver

    Operating system: Windows 7
    Browser: Firefox v. 12.0
    Spybot Version, last updated May 14th, 2012

    False positive is as follows:

    7FaSSt: [SBI $131FDB1E] Program directory (Directory, nothing done)
    C:\Program Files\FS\

    Program failed to remove said directory, so I went into safe mode and removed it there, but it kept coming back. At the same time, the Skylanders "portal of power" peripheral that I had associated with my computer for use in the online extension of the game ( kept on stopping working following every removal of the folder. Upon actually looking into the directory, I found the sub directory "Spyro Portal" which contained two items: "Flash portal.exe, and spyrolibrary.dll (Spyro being the main hero of the skylanders game). I have manually checked other locations on my computer, and see no signs of an infection with 7FaSSt other than that the skylanders portal seems to coincidentally use the same directory name.

    Please tell me if I can render any further aid to clear up this seeming error.

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    Thank you for reporting this issue.
    I can confirm that this is a false positive.
    It will be corrected with our next detection update scheduled for Wednesday 2012-05-16.
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