ok, i had to reformat my PC and re-install windows XP home SP3.

i used spybot search and destroy 1.6.2 , before my pc did a nice little crash
ha ha . ok, i just downloaded the stable version 1.6.2 .

i have a few questions before i installed the stable version.

when the new final version "2.0 spybot search and destroy" does come out
should i un-install 1.6.2 before i install the final 2.0 release ?.

or can i install 2.0 on top of the old 1.6.2 version ?.

if i have to un-install 1.6.2 , before i install the (some day in the future) final 2.0 version, what is the or what would be the best way to un-install the old version ? or what do i do before i un-install the old version ?.

i hope you take your time improving on the 2.0 beta and are not in a hurry to release it as the final version.

please take your time .