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Thread: S&D finds a reg entry for "" again..

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    Default S&D finds a reg entry for "" again..

    I have used S&D to find a registry entry for "" - and then "fixed" the problem - but the next day it is there again.
    When S&D finds a snooping cookie I use the config in my default browser (firefox) to block that cookie from being accepted again. But what should I do when there is a reg entry? The seems to be a browser helper device of some sort. I have switched on that area of the tools (using the German S&D but I am British and prefer to discuss here... :o ) but not sure how to proceed.
    I suppose one needs to know where this thing is coming from?

    ron b.

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    Hi there.
    Please go here and follow instructions.
    Before you post a log

    Start a topic here:
    Malware Forum

    Someone will then take a look at the system and advise you from there.

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