It started the other day when I tried to uninstall some programs.
7-zip is installed and I never installed it. When I removed it via control panel, it rendered my IE unusable, it wouldnt load. So I did a system restore and was able to oepn IE again. HOWEVER I keep getting tons of script errors. Almost everytime I open a new page I'll get several ina row. Its getting annoying. So I updated my windows security, microsoft security essentials, malware antibites and spybot search and destroy. I ran the maleware and it found a few things and deleted them.

Spybot has found a ton of stuff and I will complete the removal, and immunize. Then run a microsoft security essentials scan.

I cleaned out my internet tempory files and cleaned the temp files on computer but several wouldnt delete. And upon reboot I can watch them create.

Most of them start with DF like DF6AB4.tmp. My computer is not in a state that it is giving me issues yet, but when I wasnt able to run IE I couldnt do anything as far as system restore, I hadd to do it in safe mode.

I ran the recommended registry back up and the program recomended to run from the instruction post, but when the black box opened it didnt get far before it said it couldnt access something and it closed without making any reports.

I await your reccomendation.