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Thread: BitDefender advises to remove Spybot, this leads to problems

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    Default BitDefender advises to remove Spybot, this leads to problems

    A few weeks ago I had problems with my antivirus BitDefender.
    On a chat with someone of their team, that person told me the problem came from SpyBot, and I had to remove it.
    I removed SB. BitDefender has been working correctly since then, but when starting the computer I get two error messages, saying that Windows cannot find the program to operate:
    Logitech Enregistrement du Produit.lnk.disabled
    I suspect they are two items that I removed from the automatically started list (sorry, I'm not a specialist, these words may not be accurate). I used a feature that existed in the previous version of Spybot.
    I installed Spybot again (current version), but it seems that feature is no longer available, so I can't undo what I did with the old version.
    I have two questions:
    1 Is there really a problem using Spybot AND Bitdefender?
    2 How can I get rid of those error messages - which don't prevent the system from working normally after I cancel them, but which make the starting distinctly longer.
    Thank you

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    There should not be any compatibility problems.

    That is the same marketing behavior that McAfee and Kaspersky uses to kick competitors out of the business.
    Please do also have a look at this link on our homepage.

    If some parts would conflict, just those parts could be disabled.

    That's the way to to disable the resident feature of Spybot - Search &
    Destroy: run Spybot-S&D, switch to the "Advanced mode" via the menu bar
    item "Mode" --> hit "YES" --> select "Tools" in the navigation bar on
    the left --> "Resident" and there you can untick the check boxes in front
    of the two tools.

    We recommend a reinstall of Spybot - Search & Destroy. You can use the direct installation file.

    By the way - the startup feature still exists. Open Spybot in the advanced mode via the menu item mode, go to 'Tools'->'System Startup'.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    Default problem solved

    Thanks Sandra for your quick answer.
    My problem is solved, SpyBot is reinstalled with the two resident tools unchecked, everything seems to work.

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