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Thread: Cannot use "Search for Updates"

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    Default Cannot use "Search for Updates"

    When I click "search for updates", in Spybot (V1.4), I get "Error retrieving update info file" " Cannot allocate socket".

    I use Windows 98, I am not behind a proxy server, I have temporaraly disabled the software firewall (on that machine), I have a small network connected to the internet via a router and all other Internet/network connections work well on the Win 98 machine. Spybot works perfectly on the other networked WinXP machine.

    I currently use manual updates, but that is a pain. Can anyone tell me how to fix the problem?

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    1. The error message "Error retrieving update info file" usually appears when Spybot-S&D has accidently imported bad Internet Explorer proxy settings. In this case, it helps just to disable the proxy option in Spybot-S&D:
    Open the Settings section and go to the Settings page. Locate the Use proxy entry in the Automation - Web update category, and disable it.
    If you cannot see the Settings section, start Spybot-S&D in advanced mode (see your Start menu group for Spybot-S&D).

    This information is also available in our How-To section (including a screenshot):

    2. Please check your firewall. Most people who do not have problem #1 do have Spybot-S&D accidently blocked in their firewall.

    3. If nothing else works, you can still use the manual updater, which is available on the website: - the Detection Update.
    (Notice: if the Info page does not show the correct update date after installing the updates with the manual updater, please ignore that - this will be fixed with the next release)

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    even after unblocking everything that's Spybot related in the firewall, I still have this problem. The proxy setting is also disabled. Any news?

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