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    Question Mozilla Web Redirect Message


    Last week I opened a thread concerning a trojan infestation on my computer; the problem appears to be solved and I thank the techs in this forum for their help. I have a question to ask about Mozilla Firefox re-directs. I notice that when I click on a link via the search engines while using Firefox, I occassionally get a message "Mozilla has prevented this page from re-directing to another website." For example when using duckduckgo to search for recipes, I clicked on a cooking site and received the message. It happened again when using Bing to arrive at the same cooking site.

    I actually had that message pop up for months now; I would simply click on the tiny "x" in that grey area and continue reading on the site that I intended, but after the problem last week I'm paying more attention to my computer now. So my questions are:

    1.) Is it common for Firefox to display this message on websites?

    2.) Does it mean that my computer is infected?

    Thank you.
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