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Thread: False Positive When Using Prey

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    Default False Positive When Using Prey

    I use an application called Prey that sends information packets to its host website to in case I was ever to lose my laptop, I could log into my account on the website and find what wifi it's using, it's open applications, take screenshots, etc. It sends these info packets every 20 minutes or so. However, S&D thinks sleep.exe, a file under Prey which I believe is used to time how often it sends out the packages, is a virus. Here's the info I have:

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Browser and Version: Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1, Safari 5.1.7
    Version of Spybot S&D:
    Latest detection update: 8/8/2012
    Where did the false positive occur:
    I use a program called Prey which gives out 20 minute updates on my computer's information to its host website. In case my computer ever got stolen, I could log into my account on the website and find what wifi network my computer is using, its location, open program, and screenshot the computer while the thief is using it. Whenever Prey sends an information packet like this every 20 minutes, I get a popup from Prey that says it thinks sleep.exe, which is a file under Prey in :/C, is IRCbot.wln

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    Please update Spybot S&D and reboot your computer, if this does not fix your issue please send the sleep.exe to for analysis.
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