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Thread: Is There a False Positive in Code::Blocks C++ IDE?

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    Default Is There a False Positive in Code::Blocks C++ IDE?


    I did a scan with Spybot Search and Destroy and it found a trojan in the Code::Blocks integrated development environment.

    My current operating system is Windows 7.

    The browser I currently use is Google Chrome 21.01180.83

    The Spybot S&D version is with the latest detection updates being as of 8-22-12.

    I do not know if the possible false positive will appear in the current version of Code::Blocks. My version of Code::Blocks is from 2010 (10.05 rev 6283) (originally installed on Windows XP then copied over to Windows 7), yet the major version number 10.05 is the same.

    If need be, I can send you the Code::Blocks application setup installer for Windows. It will install the same version of Code::Blocks that I have on my computer. However it is 72,293 KB.

    I did shorten the file path in the first and third reports because the file path feels personal, but nothing important should be omitted.

    Please let me know if you need any more additional information.

    Thank you Team Spybot!
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    Default Addendum to First Post

    On the Codeblocks website there is a topic discussing this issue.,16786.0.html

    My apologies for not adding this link sooner.
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    Thank you for reporting this false positive, it will be fixed with the next detection update scheduled for Wednesday 2012-09-05.
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