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Thread: SD beta RC2 crashes explorer shell

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    Default SD beta RC2 crashes explorer shell


    I cant find the forum to report Release candidate 2 bugs, so ill put it here and hope a nice Mod can move it

    I just installed the RC2 and updated,

    and after doing that when I rightclick on anything (folder or file) in windows explorer the explorer crashes,

    I am using Windows 7 x64 SP1 (dutch version)

    I used this advice ;
    start quote help site

    The Windows Explorer crashes are most likely to be caused by party shell extensions that are not functioning properly. These are additional options that you see in your right lick menu after installing different programs.

    Some programs that users install will add their own “action” to the right click menu. It’s very likely that the actions is incompatible or wasn’t installed correctly and thus causing Windows Explorer to crash.

    So, how do you fix it?

    1. Download and Install a program called ShellExView

    2. Run the tool and let it scan the registry for all the shell extensions. When the scan is completed sort the result by “Type”.

    3. Navigate to ‘context menu handlers’. These are the items that appear in your right click menu.

    4. To find the culprit it’s recommended to disable non-Microsoft context menu handlers *one-by-one* and check if the problem persists. After you disable one and see that the problem is still there, re-enable it and proceed to the next non-Microsoft context menu handler.

    end quote help site

    after only disabling the Search and Destroy helper my windows explorer does not crash anymore,

    Hope this helps,

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    Default explorer crashes fixed in SD 2.1

    the windows explorer shell crashes seemed to be fixed in spybot s&d 2.1

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