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Thread: name rc2 not for state

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    Default name rc2 not for state

    well, i knew the "beta 1, 2, ..." - / "release candidate 1, 2, ..." - / "coldmaster-" /finale update-relaease and -name procedure from opensuse, but there and for many other programs the name and version called "release candidate 1, 2, ..." means the program is almost working and close to final release (which should be almost bug-free)
    but if i look at the current rc2 of spybot 2 and its list of bugs, i dont think spybot 2 have the status of a rc2 yet (and should not be called this) because, i think, its not yet this close to final release!
    if spybot 2 would be released as final very soon, with this list of bugs, i think spybot would plame itself and it would be one of very less (or maybe the only) program - i knew - which was getting more worse then previews version.

    maybe the stable and really stable components of spybot 2 should be implementated into the "old" 1.6.2 by an update (to version 1.7 or so) andit should been spend more time for developing and testing the new and other components of spybot 2 for some time, before a version called spybot 2 is realeased to public final.
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