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Thread: Quick Question about Spybot auto-running

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    Default Quick Question about Spybot auto-running

    Hi, newbie question here....

    This morning while I was doing something on the PC, Spybot started a scan, nothing unusual there but it slows down my ancient PC quite a lot and it seems to happen quite frequently.

    So I thought I'd check the Scheduler to see how often I had it set to run.

    But to my surprise, there are regular NO scans scheduled there.

    So my first question is, why is Spybot running scans on it's own?
    Is there some part of the "resident" stuff that will automatically run a scan if it sees something suspicious?

    Secondly, I now see the "Add" button in the Scheduler is greyed out, so I couldn't schedule a scan if I wanted to? Any ideas on fixing this?

    Maybe an un-install and reinstall is the first step?
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