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Thread: Claro.Toolbar FP tag on MuvEnum (Last Closed Tab)

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    Default Claro.Toolbar FP tag on MuvEnum (Last Closed Tab)

    MS Windows XP SP3
    MS Security Essentials (daily scan) clean reprot
    Malwarebytes (daily scan) clean report
    Spybot - Search & Destroy version: (build: 20090126) Latest Detection Update: 10.10.2012

    SpyBot scan results on 10.12.2012
    Claro.Toolbar: [SBI $3BB2FCFF] Root class (Registry key, nothing done)

    Claro.Toolbar: [SBI $3BB2FCFF] Class ID (Registry key, nothing done)

    I have had no problems and do NOT have the 'Claro toolbar' listed in 'IE8 tool\toolbars or showing on browser. I have NOT had my IE8 browser homepage hijacked. Nor do I *seem* to be showing any apparent other symptoms of Claro.toolbar. ie I do NOT have Claro/iSearch listed in either Programs folder or in Add/Remove Programs.

    I checked the alerted CLSID {F80D4C14-AEDD-3BFA-BFCF-A0ECE95AD209}
    in my Registry and found a ref. to MuvEnum software(browser ext. 'Last Closed Tab'). I do have this 'Last Closed Tab' browser extension from MuvEnum(v4.1.0) installed from 2-3 years prior. I have no problems with it.

    For ref. here is the MuvEnum home-d/l page:

    So is this a False Positive then?

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    thank you for reporting this issue, it will be corrected with the next detection update scheduled for Wednesday 2012-10-17.
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