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Thread: Problem on install 1.62.46 couldn't make backup of registry or rest of prep stuff

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    Exclamation Problem on install 1.62.46 couldn't make backup of registry or rest of prep stuff

    I had to force stop spybot on first run when it offered to make Regsitry backup, because it kept giving me the error message "access denied" to write the back-upfile in spybot's program folder. so I could only go back, there was no option to skip it after I first selected it and it failed to write, so I was stuck in a loop. I forced it shut in task manager, but the intro didn't come back when i ran program again, and I didn't see any option to reset the part that makes a back-up of the registry and all of the other steps it takes in first run. I'd like to use that function to make a back-up registry file but can't find an option to try it again. Is this a bug or a possible addition to make? I'm not sure.
    I am on a dual processor HP laptop with 8gb memory. 2.2khz running windows 7 64bit.
    I hope this post is alright even though I am not posting the logs.
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    If you did not make a backup during the installation of Spybot - Search & Destroy you can also do that later on.

    Please run Spybot - Search & Destroy and switch to the Advanced mode via the menu item Mode.
    Now select 'Settings' - 'Settings' from the navigation bar on the left.

    Now choose 'Wizard' from the navigation bar above.
    If you want you can make a backup now.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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