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Thread: SBSD Security Service Centre won't start, error 1075, any ideas??

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    Default SBSD Security Service Centre won't start, error 1075, any ideas??


    I'm trying to fix a problem on my son's pc - after him getting a few trojans, and some nasty malware, the Windows Security Centre failed to start. So he had no firewall, no windows security at all.

    He is running Vista 32bit SP2. He also runs AVG Anti-virus free edition, that still seems to be functioning fine. This was updated and then a full scan was completed, with nothing particularly alarming highlighted.

    To begin with the clearup, I have installed, and run all of the following:

    Spybot - Search & Destroy
    MalwareBytes - Anti-Malware
    Super Anti-Spyware
    Windows malicious software removal tool
    PC Tools Registry Mechanic

    The first three removed some trojans, lots of tracking cookies, and some registry edits that referred to infected files, and a bunch of other adware stuff. The microsoft malicious removal tool found nothing (but that was after the first three had run, and cleaned up any problems). System was rebooted between each step.

    Windows update service was also not running as well as the security centre, either and manual attempts to force them to start within SERVICES.MCS proved fruitless.

    I found this thread:

    So went thru that & tried all the solutions there, including this:

    In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following registry subkey:
    Right-click the DependOnService entry, and then click delete instead of modify

    Then rebooted (again).

    I also tried to do a system restore - but there are no available restore points prior to having this problem.

    I also tried the sfc scan within a cmnd prompt (as administrator) twice, and both times it came back saying:

    "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Details are included in the CBS.log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log"

    I then also tried to "Verify that the Dependency Service / components are running" by typing CMD /K SC QC DHCP into a cmnd prompt, and it came back successful. I then went tried to do this:
    Click Start, Run and type DEVMGMT.MSC
    In the View menu, click Show hidden devices
    Double-click Non-Plug and Play drivers section
    Double-click the entry AFD, and click the Driver tab
    Set the Startup type to System.
    Start the service. Note down the error message if any.
    Similarly start the two other drivers namely:
    TCP/IP Protocol Driver
    NetBios over Tcpip
    Close Device Manager and restart Windows.
    Now check if you can start the DHCP service.

    But i can not find the entry AFD or NetBios over Tcpip?
    I did find the TCP/IP Protocol driver and changed the startup type from "boot" to "system". the device was reported as working correctly.

    Somewhere along the line, Windows update has started working, and I tried updating and all seems fine there with no outstanding updates, but still I have no windows security centre, and under SERVICES.MCS, my "SB SD Security Service Centre" still won't start, and is "stopped", again any manual attempts just get the "error 1075" message again.
    The "Windows Management Instrumentation" under SERVICES.MCS is running fine, and is on automatic already.

    I'm at a loss! Any help would be appreciated, before i pull all of my hair out!!!

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    Hello ebts_oby,

    For someone to take a look at the system please start a topic in the Malware Removal Forum and a volunteer analyst will advise when available. Remember it is the weekend and, some helpers were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    First see that forum's FAQ which also includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide DDS and aswMBR logs, which are the logs used in the preliminary analysis.

    If you do start a new topic in that forum please provide a link back to this thread so helpers are aware of the steps you have already taken in case they affect the analysis.

    Especially registry edits and the cleaner. See: Registry Cleaners, not recommended

    Best regards.
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