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Thread: No Desktop Icons on XP after Spybot

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    Question No Desktop Icons on XP after Spybot

    I installed spybot today on a friends xp computer...I went through the start up to menu to stop some applications that were slowing the computer down. Also did a virus check with Avast and if found 1 virus and isolated it. Spybot found 3 bots and cleaned them. But when I shut the computer down, it only boots to the desktop background (allows user choice and password entry first) and then no icons appear. I am afraid I killed the process with Spybot but am not sure which start-up process that would be or how to repair the error since I don't have any icons to work with. I did an F2 bios fail-safe and advanced reboot but still nothing. I tried an f10 startup boot with Normal Windows and nothing. Would an f10 boot in safe format possibly allow me to get somewhere to change the process? I am now confused! It was working ok, just very slow, before we started this effort.


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    Please enter these keys on your keyboard:


    Then choose the tab "applications" and enter this at "New Task...":


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