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Thread: help i used spybot and now can only access google sites

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    Default help i used spybot and now can only access google sites

    sorry i don't know if this is the right section.

    well i went and installed spybot 2.0 after using the first version for a while and directly after i scanned my computer and "fixed" all the problems it told me to i could no longer use firefox or internet exploror to access any sites other than google sites, youtube and facebook. is there a fix to this problem?

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    What does your message say exactly?
    Spybot would only block some websites, but not complete access to your browser.

    If you get a notification from Spybot and you want to visit a blocked website choose „Allow“.
    If you have accidentally denied a site before and remembered that decision please open the "Spybot - Search & Destroy Configuration". Therfore open your Internet Explorer and choose "Tools - Search & Destroy Configuration". If you do not have that option (depending on your IE version) just browse to: about:sdhelper .
    The configuration will open and you can go to the "Allowed & Denied" tab. Rightclick the blocked website and click on "Remove selected".

    To completely disable the SDHelper please run the Start Center, switch to advanced mode and start Settings.
    Now open the tab „System Integration“. Here you can uninstall „Internet Explorer integration“. Click „Apply“ and „OK“ afterwards. Settings can also be launched via SDTray (the small Spybot 2 icon beside your systems clock in the taskbar).

    If this does not solve the problem please run the Start Center and click on „Immunization“. On the navigation bar on the left you can „Undo immunization“.

    But please note: Now the bad downloads will not be blocked any longer! Maybe you have to restart your computer now. Then try again to open your favourite pages. Do not forget to Immunize again after visiting that page.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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