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Thread: Scheduled Update/Immunize/Scan not working

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    Default Scheduled Update/Immunize/Scan not working

    Since upgrading to Spybot I don't seem to be able to schedule Update, Immunize, or Scan.

    In XP Pro's "Scheduled Tasks" I scheduled these to run overnight daily, but I don't think they are occurring because all I see is open "Immunize" and "Scan" windows when I wake up.

    When I click on "Show previous logs" there are none. (Or haven't been for 9 days; right now I'm surprised to find that last night a Immunization-Browsers.log was created; but no log for Update or Scan.)

    So it seems to me that my scheduled Spybot Update, Immunize, and Scan are not working. Any advice, please?

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