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Thread: Multiple iExplore.exe Processes and Redirects

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    Unhappy Multiple iExplore.exe Processes and Redirects

    Hey guys,

    This has been driving me crazy, I've scoured and scoured, and every time I feel like I've resolved the issue it comes right back.

    It originally started with Internet Explorer constantly asking me to allow the installation of an add-on (which I didn't). Every time I'd click cancel it'd come back shortly after.

    What this has evolved into is that at any given time, there will be 3-11 iexplore.exe processes running and they keep spawning themselves. I don't even use internet explorer, always been firefox.

    What makes me certain that there's something malicious on my computer, is my web searches. +85%
    of my searches are redirected. Not specifically the search feature of course, but when I attempt to open the link, I wind up on at a different URL.

    Here are the list of programs I've been through;

    Malware Byes
    SpyBot S&D
    Glary Utilities
    Hitman Pro
    Hijack This

    I've removed any add-ons, deleted any BHO's I can find, and scanned a million times.


    My computer is;

    Dell Vostro 1400
    Windows Vista 32 bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo @1.4GHz each
    With 2gb RAM

    Note* some of my searching has come across the possibility that this is a feature that is supposed to be removable of IE8, but is only supposed to occur when using multiple tabs. But like I said, I don't use IE at all, and currently IE9 is installed.
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    Hello GrayMatter,

    For someone to take a look at the system please start a topic in the Malware Removal Forum and a volunteer analyst will advise when available.

    First see that forum's FAQ which also includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide DDS and aswMBR logs, which are used in the preliminary analysis.

    Best regards.
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