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Thread: Version (Temporary File Cleaner Not Working on 1 Computer/Windows 7)

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    Default Version (Temporary File Cleaner Not Working on 1 Computer/Windows 7)


    I have Two different Laptops; One Windows 7 (Home Edition), and one XP.

    Temporary File Cleaner works on XP, (same download), but does not seem to work on the Windows 7 unit (OS 6.1.7600).
    ** Seems like there is a problem with Rootkit scanner also (64bit).

    Not sure if something has taken over my laptop. It won't run "chkdsk/r c:" either. Tells me it will do it on next start up, but never does (as if something is altering that instruction on shutdown, or boot up).

    Are you guys working with the government to spy on us, or do you guys try to even remove their stuff?

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    What exactly do you mean by "Temporary File Cleaner"?
    The Secure Shredder?
    As this problem is on a Windows 7 PC - did you open the Rootkit Scan and the Scanner with admin rights?

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