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Thread: how to remove false positive from list ???

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    Default how to remove false positive from list ???

    Hello , i'm new in this forum. I've installed two days ago a new version of S&D 2(before i had 1.6) and after a complete scan of my PC appeared a long list of files.
    i'm sure that many files of these are not malware because i've created personally, and others i'm sure are false positive also.(to much false positive in this version!!!!)
    I want to remove from the list these files (only from the S&D list not from my PC) because i do not want to see these files in the next scan.
    Please someone can explain me how to do without remove or damage from my PC
    How to put these files in one exclusion list ???

    Thank you for your appreciate help

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    I am sorry but this feature is not supported by Spybot 2.0 anymore.
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