Spybot SD 2 installed 2 times, and uninstalled both because it is not than familiar to me as previous versions do.

Then, installed v1.62 (latest Spybot SD 1)...

Problem in v1.62 (ActiveX module):
there are any item showed in this module, no items, nothing is displayed, even running as Administrator, also starting Windows in safe mode.

Why is this module/tool empty?

I know there are Flash Player, Shockwave, Java and some other apps within activex controls installed on MSIE.

Windows 7 Ultimate (x32)
Logged on a Administrator Account
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials (disabled real time protection as well)
UAC: disabled
Other apps: Malwarebytes (on demand only, no resident)

Sorry for bad english, i spoke spanish...

Best regards.