I'm not sure if this has been covered or not (I was unable to find a subject on this that had the same error), but when opening Spybot V., I find that Firefox (18.0) will not stay immunized.

I have it Spybot set to "Run As Administrator", (thru Properties, Advanced, Run As...). but the immunization will not "stick". Every 2nd or 3rd opening of Spybot, when I click to "immunize", there are approx. 36,000 "areas" that are not protected. All of them (save a few new ones ) are under "Installations & Popups".

Like I said, I am not running any programs that were suggested in this thread:

For security I currently use Avast and the built in Windows 7 Firewall, and also Peerblock.

Is there a way to stop this error from happening?

Thanks for your help.