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Thread: Apparently I have adware in my empty DVD-drive

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    Default Apparently I have adware in my empty DVD-drive

    Observe the above

    Notice the top five hits that Spybot found.

    Now note that my D drive is my DVD drive -and it was empty during the scan.

    Kindly explain?

    Also note: I've checked whether Spybot just got a drive letter wrong. It hasn't. None of my six HDs has a root directory called \C-Backup\. It does not exist.

    Advice would be nice

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    I think this thread has your answer:

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    Thank you for reporting this error.
    We are actually very puzzled why this occurred.
    More information could help us solve this issue.

    Please do the following:
    • open a command console for instance by pressing Windowskey+r then enter cmd and confirm
    • enter set > set.txt then confirm with enter key, this will create a text file set.txt containing information system variables and basic information on the computer

    Attach the set.txt to an email to with a reference to this thread.
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    Default Similar problem with removable drive


    I have a similar problem with a removable device (USB SD reader which is not connected) on a friends computer. It gives me tons of malware, which i can obviously not remove ...

    I was running version on a computer running Windows XP Professional with SP3.

    I can provide you with the logs and whatever you need ...

    Thanks in advance,


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