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Thread: Spybot whitelist

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    Unhappy Spybot whitelist

    Hey guys, I decided it was time to completely restore my computer, I have it restored and sb2, avast, and a few others on here, The white list choice that spy bot gives me, Is there any way to make it faster, or if i need to stop it then to come back to it?
    I am having to restart my computer due to updates and I can never finish it, or get anywhere close or should I just leave it running for like a day? Thanks guys

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    It does say it will take a long time when you start it.You might be better off stopping it,getting your updates done,then starting it again,running it overnight if need be.
    The only way I could find to stop it was to open Task Manager,and under applications,click on Spybot Whitelist and end task.That seemed to stop everything,but just to be sure,you could click the processes tab in task manager,scroll through,and make sure that SDPrepPos isn't running(I had to start my whitelist differently since my computer is older than 30 days,but I assume that SDPrepPos is used with both.)If it is,you can click it with your mouse,and select End Task.

    Once you're done with the updating,etc.,you can run Create Whitelist again.If a whitelist was created before when you ran it but not completed,it will just be overwritten,according to this:

    Of course,since you posted this yesterday,if you did run it overnight and it's done,please disregard my post.
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