Bonjour, yesterday 14/01/13, at approximatly 12 h 10', i've been under hijack attack, msg was saying, you've been convince to download illegaly, product that you should have pay for, and/or, you've been convince to visit and be involved in forbiden porn stuff, your pc is now locked, you'll have to pay uchkar 100 euro within 7 days, to unlock your machine, or you'll be prosecute.
my photo was right up above the txt.

Few second after, the screen becam white, there was nothing to do, i turned off, and reboot on admnistrator session, and launch bot, but nothing found, so i just erase the account, and lost a lot of stuff, from what i know, i'm not the only one, these people enter, and find also the way to start the cam, this morning i start againg bot, but every thing, clear, so my ?? is, clear or not clear ?, looks like spybot missfire on that, the net says you have to update JRE, my jre is ok, so now for me private is not anymore private, and i'm really thinking to find a way living and working, whithout computor, hand writting, nothing more secure, simple, and cheap