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Thread: Spybot 1.6 up

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    Default Spybot 1.6 up

    I installed spybot 1.5,1.6 on a PC ages ago. I had run other malware removers like Trojan Killer, Lavasoft Adware 2007, and others, and found no spyware.

    When I ran Spybot 1.5 or 6,after I updated it, I always found tons of spyware on there after scanning with spybot. A lot through having Windows Media player preinstalled.When I had and installed the updates off of a free CD from a magazine bought at a bookstore,I had no spyware problems, but always got reports that there was some errors in the update files.

    Are these false positives,or are the updates simply prepacked with infections?
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    As these versions of Spybot are outdated I would strongly recommend to upgrade to Spybot 2.

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