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    Question usage tracks

    When you scan the usage tracks, can you delete them without messing up the system? I have deleted the ones I know about but quite a few of them say registry key or else registry change on the right of the column. I know not to mess with the registry that is why I am asking if its safe to delete the ones saying registry change or registry key. Do not really care about them being on the computer as I probably never use the files again anyway.

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    Yes,I've let Spybot delete tracks for years,and never had a problem so far.
    A lot of the tracks found that say registry key or registry change are just clearing out things like most recent application,etc.
    As an example,if you have MS Direct3D listed under tracks,and see Most Recent Application beside it,then if you let Spybot fix it,then it should just clear whatever is listed in the registry here:

    Anything you're unsure about,you can just uncheck so it isn't fixed,like you have been doing.
    Or,if you would prefer not to scan for tracks at all,in Spybot 2.0 you can open Spybot-S&D Start Center,checkmark Advanced User Mode,click Settings,go to the Categories tab,rightclick somewhere in the window and select Spyware scan only.

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