I had a problem that only happened when I started Spybot at boot or running the program from the system tray. The windows message Missing framedyn.dll would show and then clicking OK would start the program. What I discovered was that an older version was in the Windows\system\wbem directory but had the correct size, 181, and date of 4-14-2008. Going to Microsoft FixIt I found this message and ran the FixIt program 50407 and it placed a version in the directory above with a date of 12-6-2010 and the same size. This did not fix the problem but the text in the Microsoft write up mentioned that the Path may be missing. By checking the path on my XP Pro computer I found that the path had been modified to Windows\System\WBEM in caps. Changing WBEM to lower caps fixed the problem. I wanted to inform you since I had just done a Microsoft update for this machine which had many fixes to Net Frame Work. One of those could have caused the problem or I was hacked I don't know. I have also experienced times when the program was removed from being resident and other hacks that would cause the program not to start during boot. Tracking software is very prominent now so I am sure this is a pain for Search engine companies. Thank You for your hard work and the ver 2 is delightful and I have supported you in the past and will continue to do so. By the way, and I know you are aware of this, most if not all web pages will not run with third party cookies disabled. And the Firefox do not track feature does not work.