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Thread: Just a renaming of a problem -- a family of problems

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    Default Just a renaming of a problem -- a family of problems

    Hi Tashi,

    When my friend got XP Defender Plus and asked for my help I did a "Google" search and read the following: 1) that it is just the current incarnation of one particular piece of malware -- also going under the name, "PC Defender Plus," and others; 2) at least one of those URLs claims to have an eradication program to rid one's computer of that malware. You have already replied to someone who complained about PC Defender.

    When I read the info about XP Defender Plus and the claim made by at least one of the URLs I immediately went to this forum. I trust all of you to tell me what is the best way of getting rid of that malware.

    Thank you for your attention.


    Julian Aronowitz
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    Hello amigan_1,

    It might be best if someone takes a look at the system in the malware removal forum.

    First, is this a personal computer and what is the operating system please.

    Best regards.
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