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Thread: Spybot scans... finds 78 Problems and locks up. Help!

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    Default Spybot scans... finds 78 Problems and locks up. Help!

    First post... I hope that I've got it in the right spot...

    I searched to no avail.

    My computer is doing all the annoying things that says.... "Infected with the ish!" So I reloaded Spybot this morning... Ran it.... It gets to the point where it has found the long list of problems.... I press the button asking Spybot to fix them and Spybot locks up... Will not respond.

    Retrying several times at 45 minutes per brings the same result every time.


    Thank you!


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    Hello JohnLane,

    Please see the sticky which includes guidelines for this forum in post #1 and instructions in post #2 on how to provide the preliminary DDS and aswMBR logs used for analysis.

    If you can produce the logs start a new topic so someone can advise when available. If you cannot please post again to this topic and I will merge the information.

    Best regards.
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