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Thread: Posting a link

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    Question Posting a link

    Tashi from the Malware repair forum has asked me to post a new thread and when I post that Thread ďbe sure to include a link to the old one.

    QUESTION: How do I do this? If it is just post the URL; I have no problem; but if there is some special method to post a link within the Forum, sorry I donít have a clue. The delays already are driving me nuts and I wish not to add further frustrations for anyone!!!

    Thanking you in-advance for your help (I could not post the question in the original forum as Tashi Closed it.


    PS; I am not a novice at all for computers, but am to forums.

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    Hello RangerPHX,

    The url/link should show in your browser.

    You'd paste the link into your new topic, if not I will do it for you.

    Best regards.
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    Default Thanks

    Hi Tashi;

    Thank you, it is as I'd hoped.

    See you soon back in MWR.


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