I understand how much work goes into this product - and I honestly and sincerely appreciate it. I've relied on Spybot for years, as do many of my clients - but the new version is giving me nothing but headaches. When I saw there was a new major upgrade I installed it with all default settings, since that's what I always did with the older version (minus the TeaTimer). What I received was so very different from what I had become accustomed to with 1.6, I'm honestly not happy enough with it to keep using it.

It automatically scheduled a nightly run - I wasn't aware this was a default setting, but I can be in the middle of something and bam - up pops Spybot, wanting to do its thing. But that's not a major issue, since it waits for me to tell it to begin and doesn't automatically take over my computer.

What aggravates me, though, is the new version's apparent inability to retain settings based on its disturbingly ZoneAlarm-like warnings every time I go to open a webpage.
I choose to Always remember to Allow everything on an entire Domain - Forever - yet the next time I go to log into eBay, there it is again - and every single layer I go through in order to log in, Spybot throws the same popup for me to deal with, despite the fact that I am clearly wasting my time even bothering.

So I'm going to go find my last 1.62 download and install that instead - it may be me, and I may just not 'get it' any more - but when one version is practically hands-free and super effective, and the next is a complete turnaround in that regard - it's time for me to step away.