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Thread: Installed Spybot but what the hell did it do?

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    Dinner was ready, came back ...only to see a message on my screen that i had to hit a key and choose a drive device...whatever...
    I was surprised cause i had no clue where it came from.
    Then today, it seems spybot does things on its own cause when i was not at computer and came back, same screen...that i had to hit a key and choose a drive device..
    I just downloaded upgrade of norton 360, restarted, the same thing...
    Well it did happend again after i was creating a movie with cyberlink.
    I am no expert in such things,but it seems to me to be that your computer is rebooting on it's own sometimes,for some reason.Some insight into that might possibly come from viewing the event log.

    I think what may be happening when your computer reboots(or when you do it,as well,since you mentioned rebooting after the upgrade of Norton 360.)is that your computer is looking for your hard drive when it starts,and not finding it.Hence,the "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" message.

    Then you are restarting and pressing the F12 key,which is taking you to the Advanced Boot menu.As I mentioned,I did not see your hard drive listed in your screenshot.I'm unsure what you do once you get there to get windows to start.For example,would you be changing one of the boot devices to your hard drive,and then windows boots?

    What is the underlying issue,why is your computer rebooting sometimes?
    For that matter,why is your hard drive not being recognized when your computer restarts?And if the attachment you posted is what you always see after pressing F12,why is your hard drive not listed there,that I can see?

    If you search for "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" you'll find many people with the same issue,and it seems to be anything from a cable is loose,right to (unfortunately) that the hard drive is failing.As I said above,I'm no expert in this,and most definitely not a hard drive expert.I'm just reporting what I'm seeing.It would be irresponsible for me to get you to change your boot order in BIOS,since,as I mentioned before,what's the underlying issue,why is your computer sometimes rebooting.And when it does why is it asking for a boot device,why isn't your hard drive being recognized?

    Would your computer still be under warranty?
    Did you consider backing up your computer,as an extra precaution?
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