I'm new on here - my daughter downloaded a dodgy program which was host to FULL-DISKFighter and snap.do toolbar.After erasing all components through the Control panel and plug-ins I found no evidence manually of the FULL-DISKFighter in the registry -following instruction from the web. It was slightly scary to be in the registry files - didn't want to make a mistake there!
Snap.do could not be erased with spybot 1.6 as it refused to scan after start-up although I had changed the settings in the Advanced mode and clicked the yes button when prompted. Did something disable the start-up scans? I then upgraded her laptop to version 2 but after the 2nd scan snap.do still has 2 entries in the registry. How do I change to start-up scan on S&D 2, which is supposed to fix it?
Can anyone point me to the right thread or give me straighforward advice?
Many thanks