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Thread: Trojan protection?

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    Default Trojan protection?

    I'm a little confused about how update is working on my computer. Bear with me because I'm not sure about the terminology to use.
    The box with all the options says it's fully updated. But when I look at the update list, 5 trojan-related files did not install. I have run it multiple times today; originally there were 8 uninstalled files and 3 of them eventually updated. The other 5 will not update.
    When I look at the log, it lists those 5 as needing to be updated.
    So, does this mean I'm not protected against Trojans?
    And how do I update those 5 files?
    I'm running Windows 8.

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    Did you click on the "Update" button in the Updater itself and not just opened it or click on "Check Status"?
    "Check status" only tells you which files are up to date and if they have been downloaded correctly.
    "Update" actually offers new files and downloads them.

    Please note, you need to click the Link "Update" again, into the Update-Wizzard, else maybe only the Signatures will be checked, if they are vaild.
    Also its necessary on Windows 8, to run the Update-Wizzard as Administrator!
    (Rightclick -> Run as Administaror)

    If this dont help, please provide the Update-Logfile
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